Attack On Titan Wrestles with Freedom’s True Form in New Chapter


Attack On Titan is about to wrap the epic and dark journey of the Survey Corps in both its anime and manga, but with the manga further along than its anime adaptation, the series has taken the opportunity to dive into some of the metaphors of the series with Armin exploring the idea of what freedom means in this world of Titans. With only a handful of chapters that are yet to be released in what might be the most popular anime franchise in the world today, it’s clear that the world of the Survey Corps is tackling some big concepts before its swan song.

Warning! If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Attack On Titan’s manga, Chapter 137, and don’t want the fourth season of the anime spoiled for you, turn back now!

With Eren Jaeger having unleashed the full power of the Founding Titan and attempting to enact his “Euthanasia Plan” which would eradicate everyone in the world that doesn’t have Eldian blood running through their veins, one of the biggest battles takes place on the “spiritual plane” between Armin and Zeke Jaeger. The Colossal Titan and Beast Titan have a somber conversation not only about their current predicament but also about what “freedom” means to the world.

Attack On Titan Freedom
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As Zeke explains, he considers Ymir to be truly free as she has managed to use her powers as the first-ever Titan to not only escape mankind but escape death itself, spreading this ability to her “children”. Armin retorts with the idea that freedom isn’t simply escaping from peril or danger, but rather, to enjoy the “trivial moments” in life such as running up a hill, enjoying a fair, or simply throwing a baseball back and forth.

This breakdown by Armin manages to catch Zeke’s ear, alongside numerous other Eldians that died in the past that are listening in, turning the tide of the battle and causing all the previous Nine Titans that Eren had resurrected to join the Survey Corps in battling against the power of the Founding Titan and save the world in the process.


Fans don’t know exactly how the series will come to a close, but it’s clear that the battle against Eren Jaeger has come to a close.

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