Fortnite Could Get Around Apple And Google’s Payment Systems, If Proposed Arizona Bill Is Passed


A proposed bill before the Arizona House of Representatives could have big implications for Epic Games’ legal battle against Apple and Google over Fortnite. If it is ultimately passed into law, it could create another facet for the ongoing litigation between the software giants.

The Verge reports that an amendment to Arizona’s HB2005 prevents app stores in the state from forcing developers to use their preferred payment system. In practice, that would mean that Apple and Google can’t require Epic Games or other software developers to go through their own proprietary payment systems for in-app purchases.

The legislation places the restriction on stores exceeding 1 million downloads, which would include Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store, and bars those companies from retaliating against developers who use third-party payment systems. It also applies to state residents, keeping them from being required to use exclusive payment methods. It carves out an exemption for game consoles and other “special-purpose devices.”

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