Fortnite: Investigate An Anomaly Near Catty Corner


The Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass includes recurring Anomaly puzzles for you to solve as you make your way to tier 100. You’ll want to focus on these challenges as you unlock them as each one rewards you with a new Style option for Agent Jones, the level 1 Battle Pass reward and long-desired playable character for Fortnite. The third such puzzle asks you to investigate an anomaly near Catty Corner.

Here’s everything you need to know to solve this Fortnite anomaly puzzle and unlock the next Agent Jones alternate skin.

Investigate an anomaly near Catty Corner

The first thing you may notice about this third anomaly puzzle is its particular choice of words. Before we were searching in Lazy Lake and on Shark Island, but now you’re asked to look near Catty Corner. That’s no accident, as this puzzle is found close to Catty Corner, but you won’t be in the location itself.

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