How to Tame a Raptor in Fortnite Season 6


How to Tame a Raptor

Raptors are the newest and most aggressive animals that have been introduced into Season 6 of Fortnite Battle Royale.  One of the most recent challenges to complete is to Tame a Raptor.  No worries for the noobs, as it is a fairly easy task.

To tame a raptor, all you have to do is approach it while wearing a Hunter’s Cloak and press the interact button. You do not need to feed it meat or any other items. You can even tame multiple raptors at once if you come across a pack of them. If you do not wear a Hunter’s Cloak, however, the raptors will become hostile.

How to Craft / Get a Hunter’s Cloak?

To craft a Hunter’s Cloak, you must combine 2 bones and 1 animal meat in the crafting menu. Bones and meat are obtained by hunting wildlife, which is another challenge for this season. Hunting one wolf, a few chickens or wild boar should provide you with enough materials to make the Cloak. With the materials in hand, simply open your inventory, click the Crafting tab, and then click “Craft” on the Hunter’s Cloak to make it.

Keep in mind, Raptors are much faster and more aggressive than wolves, making them a little more difficult to tame, however they do have some benefits once they are tamed. Raptors will attack any walls in their path which should help against enemies that like to box themselves in. They’ll also automatically attack any nearby chickens, which doesn’t help much, but you’ll receive the animal bones and meat that will help you craft weapons and heal.  Need to know where to find Raptors, click here for a map.

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