New Recycler Gun Added to Fortnite Season 6 – Recycler Location and Stats


How to Use the Recycler Gun in Fortnite

Epic Games has introduced a new gun in Season 6 Chapter 2 named The Recycler.  This new gun can be found in Rare, Epic and Legendary variants.

The official description of the new weapon reads, “Harvest objects for Ammo, spit out densely packed projectiles of Junk! Watch out for the Shrapnel!”.

The Recycler does exactly as the description states.  Fortnite players are able to get ammo by using the Recycler as a harvesting tool and destroy any sort of material you can, the materials scavenged will then be useable as ammo. Once you’ve got a full supply of ammo for the Recycler, you can shoot it almost like a grenade launcher, but it shoots small balls of junk instead.

How and Where to Find the Recycler

The Recycler spawns across the map as both floor loot and also found in chests.  Again, it comes in three different variants, Rare, Epic and Legendary.  We have heard leaks from sources that the Recycler spawns most in the following areas of the Fortnite Map.

  • Boney Burbs
  • The Spire
  • Colossal Crops

Recycler Stats

Currently the Recycler uses junk / harvesting material as ammo, reload time of 2 seconds, magazine of 3 and damage to players can range from 75 for rare, 79 for epic and 83 for legendary.

New Fortnite Gun The Recycler


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