Apple Claims Fortnite’s Declining Interest Is Behind Epic’s Project Liberty


Apple has outlined its case against Epic games in preparation for next month’s lawsuit, suggesting that Epic’s high-profile moves last summer were part of a strategy to draw more attention to Fortnite, which the company says had been declining in popularity.

In its court filing Apple alleges that Epic planned a a strategy with lawyers and its public relations to “revive flagging interest in Fortnite,” GameSpot sister site CNET reports. This plan, allegedly called Project Liberty internally at Epic, was months in the works. Apple also claims that Epic is attempting to change the iPhone business model.

“Apple is among the most innovative, competitive, dynamic, and creative companies in the United States, and millions of people benefit from its products and services,” Apple stated. “Those products and services are the result of billions of dollars of investment, in addition to substantial time and thought, and represent Apple’s intellectual property.”

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