Core Is A Roblox-Style Sandbox Game, And It’s Out Now On The Epic Games Store


Manticore Games has just launched Core, a new sandbox game powered by user-generated content, allowing players to explore a multiverse full of different activities and stories to uncover. In 2020, Core launched in open alpha for PC players, allowing them to dive into the game’s many portals. But now, the game is out on the Epic Games Store in early access.

To celebrate the launch, Manticore Games has also released a brand-new cinematic trailer, showcasing the game’s many locales–all of which are player-made–along with some scenes that tease what’s to come with the future of the game. Coinciding with the early access launch of Core, Manticore Games and Epic have a set of exclusives for new players who download the game. These store-exclusive downloads include new hero characters to play as and player mounts to ride while exploring the Core’s Multiverse.

For the uninitiated, Core is an expansive sandbox that hinges on the conceit of exploring a massive multiverse of worlds that have their own unique experiences, gameplay modes, and narratives to see play out. Think of it as a blend of Fortnite’s colorful and cartoon-like style, the complex creation tools from Media Molecule’s Dreams, and the scope of Minecraft and Roblox. Core is interesting because it manages to tie each of its worlds together, which can be accessed from the game’s hub world where players can meet and venture off together. These worlds include familiar stages shooter levels and racing worlds but can also include more inventive concepts where players can meet up to explore cities and alien planets, or socialize with other explorers.

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