My Hero Academia Reveals the Second User’s Problem with Izuku


My Hero Academia’s timeskip in the pages of its manga has shown us a very different Midoriya, who now has a much firmer grasp on the power of All For One, venturing off on his own within a world that is plagued by villains run amok and a society that doesn’t trust its heroes. With Izuku attempting to not paint a target on the backs of his friends and family, the Vestiges of All For One begin discussing steps for the future, with the second user of All For One not hiding his disdain for the current wielder of the Quirk.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia’s manga, Chapter 310, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we’ll be diving into some serious spoiler territory.

Midoriya has made it clear that he isn’t willing to pull the trigger on the current wielder of One For All, Shigaraki, and take his life in order to save the world, which really rubs the Second the wrong way, as he describes it himself:

“In our battle, victory meant life and defeat meant death. Now, you tell us to devote our efforts to one who wants to “save” our mortal enemy? A boy holding on to such a ridiculous delusion?”

My Hero Academia Manga
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In response, the original One For All reminded the Second that it was because he stretched an open hand to One For All that the heroes were able to ultimately claim victory:

“Our battle never could’ve begun if you hadn’t taken me from this room on that day. Besides, what choice do you have now? You know this is the only way. Which is why you’ve chosen to appear here in the first place right? The moment you reached your hand out to me was when One For All was truly born.”

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Midoriya himself has a rough future ahead of him as he continues to do his best while not stopping for a minute, attempting to dodge the advances of both All For One and Shigaraki, with a ton of villains now free as a result of a jailbreak that has seen the likes of Muscular threaten the world once again.

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