Fortnite: Pizza Pit And Durrr Burger Locations To Dance, Drive, And Use A Firefly Jar


In Fortnite Season 6 Week 8, you’ll need to visit a few fast food restaurants more than once, including Pizza Pit and Durrr Burger. While at first you’ll want to visit each of them individually, eventually you’ll also have to travel from one to the other in a bit of a mad dash. In total, this will help you with three challenges, including those requiring you to Dance in Durrr Burger kitchen, use a firefly jar at Pizza Pit, and drive from Durrr Burger to Pizza Pit without exiting a vehicle. In this guide we’ll walk you through where to find Pizza Pit and where to find Durrr Burger so you can grab lunch with a side of XP.

Pizza Pit And Durrr Burger Locations

While each restaurant also has food truck spin-offs on the map, these Week 8 challenges will ask you to visit their brick-and-mortar locations. Pizza Pit is northeast of Colossal Crops situated next to The Orchard, which is also unnamed on the map but famous for its abundance of foraged items which are needed if you’re still catching up on last week’s challenges.

Durrr Burger stands between Holly Hedges and Slurpy Swamp and also offers a ton of wood piles you can break down if you want the materials. Both spots are highlighted on the map below.

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