The Epic Games Store Has Not Turned A Profit Yet According To Tim Sweeney


Unlike Fortnite, the Epic Games Store seems to be losing money for its operator. According to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, the digital storefront is “hundreds of millions of dollars short of being profitable.”

According to Sweeney’s testimony from the Epic Games Vs. Apple trial, the company’s digital platform will be in the green “within three or four years.” Additionally, the Washington Post reported that a document entered into evidence for the trial showed that the Epic Games Store required a $359 million investment from Epic Games from the year following its launch. According to another document given to the court on April 8, Epic expects the Epic Games Store to begin turning a profit for the company in 2023.

The Epic Games Store launched in 2018, moving into a market dominated by other digital game retailers. By that time, Valve’s own digital storefront, Steam, had been in operation for 15 years and held an enormous share of the PC gaming market. The Epic Games Store also had to compete with other smaller digital gaming storefronts from game developers and publishers, like Ubisoft’s Uplay and CD Projekt Red’s GOG.

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