Fortnite NBA Skins Leak As Summer Event Is Teased


Epic Games and the NBA seem to be gearing up for a (no pun intended) crossover event that will have basketball fans excited, according to recent leaks of Fortnite NBA skins.

Thanks to the Epic versus Apple ongoing court case, we already know Epic had been looking at adding a basketball mini-game to Fortnite Party Royale, including a Zion Williamson versus LeBron James community competition. While revealed documents pointed to those ideas being discussed in June 2020, there’s no reason to suspect the idea was scrapped. Almost a year later, we haven’t seen such an event in Fortnite yet, but today’s new leak alongside update 16.40 suggests that may soon change.

Shared first on Twitter by a trio of Fortnite dataminers, a collection of ten customizable Fortnite skins is our first look at upcoming NBA Fortnite skins. While the first images of the skins point only to basic Fortnite-branded jerseys and team apparel, it’s believed that these are the default options, much like how the NFL-branded Fortnite skins include a basic blue and red uniform for players not looking to sport any real team’s logo and colors.

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