Batman Battles G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes In Batman/Fortnite – And It’s Awesome


Batman battled G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes in the latest issue of Batman/Fortnite, and it was as awesome as fans have been hoping it would be. The team between the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point series has been hyping Batman vs. Snake Eyes in anticipation of issue #3’s arrival, and the hype was well worth it. Like this entire Batman/Fortnite event series, the fight between The Dark Knight and the Silent Ninja was an unabashed gimmick, which somehow still turned out to be more epic and fun than it arguably had any right to be. If you want to know who won the Batman vs. Snake Eyes bout, read on below!

Warning: Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #3 SPOILERS Follow!

Issue #3 of Batman/Fortnite follows Batman’s continued solo efforts to escape the Fortnite island’s cycle of life and death (after saving Catwoman), using notes and upgrades he leaves for himself after every cycle. This time, the action is being viewed from the POV of Fortnite’s mysterious masterminds, who are just one aspect of the game being revealed and fleshed out in this comic series. The powers behind the island are growing concerned with Batman’s proficiency at taking out the other combatants and upgrading his weapons, armor, and tactics.

The masters of Fortnite view Batman as an “asset” that they want to keep in the game as long as possible – but the Dark Knight’s skills are so good, that it threatens to blow their timetable out of the water. In order to slow Batman down, the island’s controllers scheme to throw a major obstacle in his way in the form of an equally skilled asset: Snake Eyes.

Batman vs Snake Eyes Fortnite Comics
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What follows is an awesome duel between Batman and Snake Eyes that literally lasts for an untold amount of lifetimes. Batman and Snake Eyes go back-and-forth in terms of who wins each round, but eventually, the constant duel has an unexpected side-effect the controllers never figured on: completely captivating the rest of Fortnite’s combatants to the point they stop fighting.

The island’s controllers can’t discern how it happens, but Batman and Snake Eyes’ evenly matched battle skills help the two heroes form a bond of recognition and respect that transcends the island’s memory wipe. That bond is cemented during one duel where Snake Eyes nearly falls from a cliff that breaks under his feet, only to have Batman save him. In the end, Snake Eyes willingly sacrifices himself to the storm, leaving Batman in the winner’s circle alone, so that he’s finally able to escape the island.

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As stated, this “Batman vs. Snake Eyes” battle is no doubt a gimmick that helped to sell Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point – but it’s totally awesome, nonetheless. Like everything in this series, comic writer Christos Gage and Fortnite creator Donald Mustard actually managed to make something substantive out of the mythos of Batman, G.I. Joe, and Fortnite, in a way that feels organic and… like an actual story. Reilly Brown’s visuals also have to do a lot of heavy lifting since these two icons don’t exchange a word during all of their fights – and it certainly looks cool enough to have fans praying for the Batman and/or Snake Eyes skins in the actual Fortnite game, so they can recreate this action on their own.

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #3 is now on sale.

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