Fortnite Random Locker is Broke – Fixed


Fornite Lockers

For about a week now, the random locker in Fortnite Battle Royale seems to be broken.

We have tried restarting the game however it just cycles through a few skins, none of which are favorites; and shows the same 3-4 skins over and over again.  Right now, we believe there was some sort of bug in the last update as it tends to act the same in Save the World as well.  Also when we assign a skin manually it doesn’t appear to change on the platform interface.

With only a handful of days left in Season 6, we aren’t sure if this bug will be fixed in Season 7.


The solution was to disable shuffle, once disabled everything got back to normal.

How to submit a Bug in Fortnite?

For those having issues, simply login to Battle Royale > go to Settings > click on Reporting / Feedback button

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