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Fortnite Season 7 Leaks


When does Season 7 start and what to expect?

Fortnite Season 7 is expected to launch on Tuesday, June 8th.  As we head into the last week of Season 6, data miners have been releasing various hints  / clues on the theme for Season 7 of Battle Royale.

Below we have outlined some of the themes / items we think will appear in Season 7.

  • Map change / specifically adding a larger desert biome
  • UFO / Alien themed
  • More Marvel integration
  • New weapons / thinking laser weapons
  • Continued crafting of weapons
  • Kangaroos have been mentioned but very low probability
  • Integration of more Save the World items into Battle Royale (batteries, gun powder, resin)
  • Possible MLB partnership around the time of the July All Star game
  • Map Changes around Coral Castle / Stealthy Stronghold / Spire
  • Possible return of Ghost / Shadow bots
  • Vault of the Recycler and Primal Weapons
  • Scientist and Visitor return
  • Return of Vaults and Bosses
  • Alien themed Fish Stick skin

Fortnite Season 7

Image and some content credit to @FNLeaksAndInfo and @Guille_GAG.

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