Grindstone on PC is going to be the end of me


Last Christmas, I spent hours and hours playing Capybara Games’ grid-based puzzler Grindstone on my Switch, gobbling up level after level of this joyful monster masher like an unattended tub of Cadbury’s Heroes. I’d played a teensy bit of it when it first came out on Apple Arcade in 2019, but it quickly became apparent that this was exactly the type of game I’d rather play on a handheld. It was a gamble – back then, Capy hadn’t announced if it was ever going to come to other platforms – but luckily my patience paid off. When it arrived on Switch last December, I secretly hoped it would eventually come to PC, too (if only so I could have an excuse to play it for work), and last week my wish came true, with Grindstone arriving on the Epic Games Store alongside its new Fortune Grind update.

When I heard the news, I felt a quiet sense of elation. I was happy that more people would now finally be able to experience Grindstone’s delicious delights of slicing through its hordes of cute creep monsters in ever-increasing chains of fleshy meat chunks, but part of me’s still very much wedded to the progress I’ve made over on my Switch save. Then I learned that Grindstone’s PC release would have, and I quote, a “super innovative and groundbreaking windowed mode”, and man alive, I think I’ve become addicted to it all over again.

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