Fortnite Season 7 Teasers Include Superman, Rick And Morty, And More


Fortnite Season 7 is merely hours away, and Epic Games is teasing what players can expect to find in the latest season. From Rick and Morty, to a missing-in-action Jonesy, to even an apparent Superman tease, Epic’s next season of Fortnite looks to be just as massive as ever, with aliens descending on the island to cause chaos and alter the landscape of the popular game once more.

Epic has been slow-rolling the release of brief and cryptic teasers for a few days. The first one appeared over the weekend and does not immediately point to any known characters from outside the Fortnite fiction, though it does suggest Agent Jones, the Troy Baker-voiced main character of the game’s expansive lore, is now missing in action. His face appears on the side of a milk carton with the words “MISSING” just like the old days.

The text description with the teaser seems to come from the aliens themselves, which have recently been abducting players at the end of Season 6:

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