‘Fortnite’ Rubber Duck, Sunny, and IO Tech weapon locations for Week 1


Fortnite Season 7 adds many new features like Alien Artifacts and Battle Stars, but it also expands the series’ weekly Legendary Quest in substantial ways.

Rather than completing the same skill-based task over multiple difficulty tiers, this latest iteration is a multi-step journey that requires visiting NPCs, collecting IO Tech, and placing Rubber Ducks at specific locations. In this all-encompassing guide, we’ll explain how every step of the quest is done.

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Converse with Sunny, Abstrakt, or Dreakflower

These NPCs function just like the oneness from previous seasons, so getting this challenge done is purely about knowing where these characters are located. While there are technically five different NPCs you could use to get the task finished, we’ve only listed three for the sake of brevity and simplicity.

In the event you can’t pinpoint an NPC using the maps we’re about to share, remember that every character has a chat bubble near them as you get close to their spawn. Just follow the chat bubbles in these general areas, and you should have no problem figuring it out.

Sunny: She stalks the dock on the newly renamed Believer Beach.

Dreakflower: He’s in this lakeside cabin northeast of Holly Hedges.

Abstrakt: Head to this building in northeast Retail Row, and you should find an NPC walking around the outside area.

Simply interact with one of these characters and select the chat bubble icon to “continue.” That’s step 1 of the quest done.

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Collect stone from the Aftermath

This step is as simple as going to the new area in the center of the map and harvesting some stone from the big boulders on the water’s edge.

Collect different IO Tech weapons

IO Tech weapons can be found scattered across the Battle Royale map in various places, but there’s a large number of them in the buildings of Corny Complex. This marked house in particular often has a box in the attic or on the first floor. Just keep coming back here across a few matches, and you’ll collect three IO weapons in no time.

Interact with Bunker Jonesy’s Conspiracy Board

This step is as easy as visiting the Lumber Lodge Landmark located southeast of Misty Meadows.

Go in through the front entrance of the lodge, and you’ll see the board right next to you.

Place Rubber Ducks in Retail Row, Pleasant Park, and Believer Beach

This last step requires you to visit three specific spots inside each of the named locations. When you approach each of these spots you’ll see an outline of a Rubber Duck. Press the designated button to interact to complete the step.

Retail Row: Go to the basketball court in the southeast section of the PoI.

In the corner of the court across from the large bus is where you’ll place your duck.

Pleasant Park: In Pleasant Park, approach the area towards the Gas Station to the east.

The location to place a Rubber Duck is in the front of the Gas Station near the pumps.

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Believer Beach: Last but not least, the spot to place a Rubber Duck in Believer Beach is on the edge of the pool to the east.

You’ll see the interaction spot across from this float. That’s all you need to know to complete the Week 1 Legendary Quest. Enjoy that sweet XP boost and those Battle Stars for the Season 7 Battle Pass.

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