Fortnite Season 7 Map Changes: Believer Beach, The Aftermath, And More


The aliens have officially arrived in Fortnite Season 7, and they’ve brought a slew of map changes with them. Fortnite’s landscape is reliably changed with every new season, and Season 7: Invasion is no different. Here we’ll break down all the new Places of Interest, sights to see, and–is that an alien mothership? It sure is.

Believer Beach

Sunny leads the alien welcoming committee.
Sunny leads the alien welcoming committee.

Perhaps the most fun map change with Season 7 is Believer Beach. Formerly Sweaty Sands, this boardwalk and beachside hangout now exists as a 24/7 welcoming committee to the would-be alien overlords if Dr. Slone’s resistance fails their mission of sending the aliens back where they came from. All around the location are alien-themed Launch Pads, a human-made “crop circle” in the sand, and just general party vibes from the pro-alien contingent, like Battle Pass character Sunny, who wears a shirt that says “I don’t believe in humans.” It seems not everyone perceives the invaders to be a threat.

Corny Complex

Corny Complex acts as the IO's headquarters.
Corny Complex acts as the IO’s headquarters.

The area northeast of the map’s center is now Corny Complex and seems to be the main hub of IO activity on the island. As the main opposition to the aliens, one may find the Io to be their ally, but the mysterious group’s foot soldiers will still fire at you if they spot you, and they aren’t just in this one location.

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