Fortnite Graffiti-Covered Wall Locations: Hydro 16 And Near Catty Corner


The Fortnite Week 2 challenges are on their way, currently expected to arrive on Wednesday, June 16. When they arrive, one of the challenges will tell you to find a graffiti-covered wall at Hydro 16 or near Catty Corner. That can be a bit tricky since Hydro 16 isn’t named on the map and “near Catty Corner” is imprecise. Here’s what the game means when it says that–and what you can infer on a story level from the vandalism you’ll see when you get there.

Fortnite Graffiti-Covered Wall

There are just these two locations–for now anyway– that will earn you the challenge’s 30,000 XP. For the related Epic Quest, you need only to visit one of them according to the list of Fortnite Week 2 challenges. With both in mind, pick the one that’s better for you, considering things like how hot a drop might be or where the circle is heading.

Hydro 16 is the brick building on the southwest side of Lazy Lake–the actual body of water, not the named location north of it. Head there to find some graffiti left by one of your Battle Pass characters from Season 7. If you prefer the one near Catty Corner, what the game refers to is the **REDACTED** bunker southeast of the named location, which last season we learned is mysteriously considered a Ghost or Shadow Ruins location.

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