‘Fortnite’ Alien Artifact Week 2 locations: Where to find them in Season 7


Fortnite Season 7 carries on with its second week of challenges, and that means players have five more Alien Artifacts to find at specific spots on the Battle Royale map. Want to unlock more pieces to customize that tier 1 Kymera skin? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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Fortnite Alien Artifact locations for Week 2

Just like the previous week, Season 7 Week 2 adds five new Alien Artifact canister locations players can use to collect as many as 20 Artifact pieces for Kymera customization. The locations are pretty easy to pinpoint in this case, so we’ll stick to showing off the maps.

Alien artifact location 1: The first Artifact canister can be found southwest of Coral Castle. You’ll find a big satellite array here, and the canister is sitting inside the large satellite dish.

Alien Artifact location 2: The second location is at this small house northeast of Pleasant Park. Walk around the side of the house, and you’ll see a canister sitting near the outdoor staircase.

Alien Artifact location 3: The third Alien Artifact canister is on the bridge south of Corny Complex. Just make your way across the bridge and you’ll see the canister in the middle of the road.

Alien Artifact location 4: The next Alien Artifact is located near the smaller of the two circular pools situated northeast of Retail Row. You’ll find it by the water’s edge next to a satellite dish.

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Alien Artifact location 5: The fifth and final Alien Artifact is at the house on the smaller island southwest of Lazy Lake. You’ll see it on the small patio area next to the stairs.

It’s worth noting that, unlike last week’s, these Alien Artifacts cannot be collected in a Battle Lab. While you may be able to see them there, you’ll have to collect them by playing in one of the standard Battle Royale queues. Each canister has the same number of Artifacts, however, which means you should be able to unlock plenty of new items for Kymera.

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