‘Fortnite’ graffiti wall and spray can locations for Week 2 Challenges


Fortnite’s Week 2 Challenges have just gone live, and two of the toughest tasks on the list of Epic Quests asks players to collect spray cans while searching for graffiti-covered walls at Hydro 16 or near Catty Corner. In this guide, we’ll explain how to get both objectives done to earn some easy XP for your Season 7 Battle Pass.

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Where to collect Spray Cans for the Fortnite Week 2 Challenge

For this challenge there are five spray can locations in both Dirty Docks and Pleasant Park, but players only need to use two of the 10 possible spots to earn their XP. With this in mind we’re not going to show every single location, but we will offer more than enough options for players to get the task done in any way they choose.

Spray can locations in Dirty Docks

When it comes to getting this Week 2 challenge done quickly and easily, Dirty Docks is the ideal landing spot. By going to this warehouse on the eastern side of Dirty Docks, you’ll find two possible locations worth using.

You’ll see the first spray can near this stack of boxes in front of you as soon as you enter.

Next, take a left past the upgrade bench in that same warehouse, and you’ll see a spray can hear, nestled near the stairs. You should be done with this stage of the challenge after visiting these two locations, but we’ve got two more for those who need the extra help.

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Spray can locations in Pleasant Park

For the Pleasant Park spray cans, head to the garage attached to the Gas Station to the east.

In the very back of the garage behind the car is a spray can.

If you need one more, head out the back door of the garage and enter the small attached garage of the wooden house ahead of you.

You’ll find that one on the floor near the door. That’s how you complete Fortnite’s new Spray Can challenge in either Dirty Docks or Pleasant Park.

Where to find graffiti-covered walls for the Fortnite Week 2 Challenge

This challenge is somewhat similar in that players can go two one of two possible landing spots on the map to get this challenge done. Just like the previous challenge, we’ll offer locations for you to earn your XP in either place.

Graffiti-covered wall at Hydro 16

Hydro 16 is an unnamed location southeast of Slurpy Swamp. You’ll find a graffiti-covered wall in the northeast corner of the location.

You’ll find a wall on the side of the dam that looks like this. Technically that wall is all you need to get this challenge done, but we’ll show two more options just in case you need them.

There’s another wall across from the previous one, to the left of the grouping of three waterfalls on the side of the dam.

This is what the area looks like.

Graffiti-covered walls near Catty Corner

If you’d rather visit Catty Corner instead, head to this area east of the Gas Station.

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You’ll come to a dead-end of sorts with multiple graffiti-covered walls. That should be all you need to know to get some additional XP for your new Battle Pass.

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