New Apex Legends Crypto Dragon Prime Exclusive Free Skin


There is a new free exclusive Prime Skin for Crypto in Apex Legends called Dragon Skin and here is how you can claim yours now.

New Skins are released for Legends on a regular basis in Apex Legends and they have also partnered with Twitch to give Prime Gamers exclusive Skins for different Legends. The last Legend to get an exclusive Prime Skin was Valkyrie with the Punk Rocket Skin. These Skins can be claimed for free, but are only available for a limited time.

Valkyrie Apex Twitch Free Skin - Punk Rocker
Valkyrie Apex Twitch Free Skin – Punk Rocker

Apex Legends Crypto Skin – Dragon Skin Prime Exclusive

The latest exclusive Prime Skin that you can claim for free now is for Crypto and is called Dragon Skin, which you can see below. In order to claim this Skin, you must link your EA and Amazon Prime accounts and you will then be able to claim the Skin. More lore has been revealed about both Caustic and Crypto, with a video that was posted on Twitter with Wattson talking to Caustics mother, which also happens to be Crypto’s adopted mother. In this video, we learn that Crypto is actually a lot younger than he says he is, with his age actually being 22 not 31, making him closer to Wattson’s age.

Apex Crypto Prime Skin
Apex Crypto Prime Dragon Skin

In the video, we learn more about Mystik and that she was aware of Caustic being alive when she watched her first Apex Game. If you didn’t know already, Caustic faked his death as he was terminal from cancer. Wattson is close to both Caustic and Crypto, although in different ways. Caustic appears to be more of a father figure to Wattson and it looks Crypto is in love with Wattson and we could see them in a relationship.

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At the end of the video, it looks as if Mystik could be dead from the deadly toxin even though Caustic and Crypto are working together to try and find the cure. We will have to wait and see if they get back in time. If you want to watch the full video, you can see it below.

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