Fortnite’s First Champion, Bugha, Is Getting His Own Icon Series Skin


In 2019, Kyle Giersdorf, better known by his online handle Bugha, won the inaugural Fortnite World Series at just 16 years old. Now, Bugha will achieve another major Fortnite milestone: He’s getting his own in-game skin and complete cosmetic set. Fans will find the Bugha Icon Series set in the Item Shop starting Tuesday, July 20.

The Bugha skin will feature a range of cosmetics, including two alternate Styles (with and without his personal logo-adorned hat), as well as several of the accessories Fortnite fans would come to expect, such as his very own emote, pet, and loading screen. Here’s the complete Bugha cosmetic set:

  • Zoey Trophy Back Bling
  • Bugha Blades Pickaxe
  • Bring It Around Emote
  • Bugha Elite Style
  • World Champion Bugha Style
  • Bugha Loading Screen

You can see his Emote in the video below.

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