Epic Files New Complaint Against Google In Antitrust Lawsuit


Epic has failed a new complaint against Google in its antitrust lawsuit against the Tech company. As reported by The Verge, Epic has filed an addendum adding additional details to the lawsuit, including a number of details about Google’s monopolistic behavior revealed during recent government probes.

Epic’s complaint contains mostly sealed information; however, the few bits that are available to the public show that it contains more information about Google’s behavior. Some of the information included details Google’s relationship with Apple, like how Google pays Apple somewhere between $8 billion and $12 billion to be the dominant search engine on Apple products. The complaint also includes information about Google’s relationship with phone makers and other app stores.

In the redacted complaint, Epic allegedly describes its attempt to launch Fortnite on the Samsung Galaxy store, which Google took exception to. According to the complaint, Google offered Epic a deal to get Fortnite on the Google Play Store instead, but Epic rejected the deal. The complaint alleges that Google took some anti-competitive practices following that, though the details are redacted.

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