Fellow Traveller Announces No Longer Home Release Date


Publisher Fellow Traveller and Humble Grove announced the release of their upcoming title No Longer Home. The game will be launching this week on 30th August on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, Humble, and GOG.

No Longer Home is about goodbyes, and how there comes a stage in life and relationships where you have to go separate ways and move on from the past. It will be a slice of life story which will relate to most if not all players in some way or the other.

Check out the trailer below:

In No Longer Home, players will get to play as Ao and Bo, two queer, non-binary students who have recently graduated and are preparing to leave the flat they have shared for a year. Explore the flat, have conversations with friends and get to know Lu, the multi-eyed animal-like new flatmate. Find magic in everyday moments like BBQs with friends and playing video games together as the duo come to terms with an uncertain future.

Cel Davison (they/them), Lead Writer & Cinematographer had this to say,

Precarity and identity are the predominant themes through the story. The events in the game are based on our own experiences, during a time when we were feeling disillusioned with post uni life and trying to figure out what to do next. No Longer Home is about exploring our place in the world and finding wonder in everyday domesticity.

No Longer Home

Hana Lee, Lead Artist & Animator added

After graduation, due to visa restrictions, I unfortunately had to go back to Japan. The game originally came about as a way for Cel and I to stay in touch, to explore and express the emotions that came with saying goodbye

A demo of the game is also available on Steam for players who are interested in trying out what the game is about. Fellow Traveller has also revealed that a Farewell Edition bundle will also be launched for the game which will include the base game soundtrack and the prequel Friary Road soundtrack.

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