Fortnite Hotfix 17.21 Adds New Plasma Cannon Weapon


Epic has released Fortnite hotfix 17.21 today, and with it comes a brand-new weapon to the game that will give loopers the firepower of a UFO without a pilot’s license via the Plasma Cannon. Alongside that marquee addition, something strange is happening in the skies above The Aftermath. Let’s dig into Fortnite hotfix 17.21.

Fortnite Plasma Cannon

The Plasma Cannon is a new tech weapon designed by the Imagined Order after weeks of espionage carried out by Slone–and you, if you’ve been completing her challenges. The IO has taken the alien technology of a UFO’s plasma cannon and fit it into a handheld firearm, giving players a powerful new tool in gunfights.

The Plasma Cannon can be found in regular chests as well as IO “henchman” chests and comes equipped with five plasma balls. The energy of the plasma balls will cause “heavy damage” and throws players back. It will even do the same to vehicles, which you may have seen before when piloting a UFO. Additionally, the new gun destroys buildings and other structures “just about instantly,” according to Epic.

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