My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission Reveals Runtime Ahead of Debut


The third film in My Hero Academia is set to land later this month in World Heroes’ Mission, pitting the crime-fighting students of UA Academy against a brand new threat in Humanize, a cult that sees Quirks as a blight on humanity and is seeking to change the world by eliminating them forever. With the film seeing Midoriya, Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki teaming up not just with their classmates, but also with the professional heroes of the world at large, the characters created by Kohei Horikoshi will have quite the challenge on their hands as the run time has recently been revealed.

The Official Description for My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission reads as such:

“A mysterious group called Humarize strongly believes in the Quirk Singularity Doomsday theory which states that was quirks get mixed further in with future generations, that power will bring forth the end of humanity. “In order to save everyone, the Pro-Heroes around the world ask UA Academy heroes-in-training to assist them and form a world-classic selected hero team. It is up to the heroes to save the world and the future of heroes in what is the most dangerous crisis to take place yet in My Hero Academia.”

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Runtime
(Photo: Studio Bones)

The run time itself has been revealed to be one hundred and five minutes and will hit theaters in Japan later this week on August 6th, though a North American release date has yet to be revealed. With the previous two films in the My Hero Academia franchise hitting theaters, it’s only a matter of time before World Heroes Mission does the same and hits the silver screen in the West.


Recently, My Hero Academia’s television series gave us a first look at the members of Humanize, giving us a hint as to when the events of the next film will take place. With the fifth season about to dive into the My Villain Academia Arc, this film might be taking place prior to the arrival of the War Arc and the battle that changes up the world of hero society forever. Needless to say, we’re expecting some major development in World Heroes Mission.

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