Fortnite 18.10 Patch Fixes XP And Adds Chili Chug Splash


Fortnite patch 18.10 is here, and its list of fixes is wide-ranging. Players seeking new tools, more XP, and a bit of lore will have their hands full with this season’s first major update. The grind is gone, and the spiciest beverage on the island has just dropped. As for the new crater appearing at Steamy Stacks, your guess is as good as ours. Here’s what new content you’ll find in your travels across Apollo following the 18.10 update.

Chili Chug Splash

The new Chili Chug Splash will put some pep in your step.
The new Chili Chug Splash will put some pep in your step.

Epic has added a new healing item to the game in the form of the Chili Chug Splash. Think of it as the Chug Splash you already likely know, but now with a bit of extra zest. The Chili Chug Splash operates on a cooldown timer and provides area-of-effect healing to both health and shields to you and whoever else is in range. It makes for a great item to keep on hand in team-based modes. The added bonus of the Chili Chug Splash is that is also provides a speed boost, much like eating a pepper or spicy fish does.

The Chili Chug Splash replaces the standard Chug Splash in all defeated Living Loot Llamas, but you can reliably find them in The Brat’s inventory too. He’s the NPC at the food trucks north of Lazy Lake and will sell the Exotic-tier Chili Chug Splash in exchange for gold bars.

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