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While Fortnite players may be split on which cosmetic category is the most important to completing a character’s look, it seems Epic believes it’s back bling. A back bling cosmetic is always the most likely to come with a character in the Item Shop, even if they only get one other item with their outfit. Back bling is something the player character can always see thanks to the way Fortnite’s camera controls work, so it should look cool, after all. In this feature, we’ll take a peek at our favorite back bling in Fortnite, from a licensed villain’s ticking time bomb to Fortnite’s original pets and more. Here’s the best back bling in Fortnite.

Harley Quinn’s Revenge

Here's back bling that serves fashion and function.
Here’s back bling that serves fashion and function.

Harley Quinn first came to the game in February 2020, but her most recent style, Rebirth Harley, is much newer and is responsible for this reactive back bling that includes a real-time countdown to each new zone. If you’re waiting to load out, it even counts down until the match begins. It’s maybe not a comparison Epic made, but it’s reminiscent of Dead Space, where all of the player’s UI was on Isaac’s armor somehow. With this back bling, there’s no need to move your eyes to the storm countdown and you can stay focused on looting and shooting.


On her planet, it means
On her planet, it means “grenade shaped like a heart.”

The Holo-Back was cool when it came out and it keeps getting better. Any sticker you have in your emote locker can become a hologram-like back bling you strap onto your character. This was cool when it came out alongside the Boundless set of custom superheroes, but its versatility makes it a good pick for any skin you might want to pair it with. For players who like a less bulky back bling that still has plenty of flair, this is arguably the best one here.

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