Fortnite v18.40 Hotfix – Map Changes


Fortnite v18.40 Hotfix - Map Changes

The Fortnite v18.40 Hotfix has arrived with small changes to the map in preparation of the upcoming Season 8 finale event. You can read about everything new in the v18.40 Hotfix here.

As always, the map changes have been provided by FNAssist – check them out!

Guava Event Fort: Stage 2

The new base outside Pleasant Park, which was first added to the Island in the v18.40 update, continues to grow as Fortnite’s characters prepare for the battle against the Cube Queen.

With today’s hotfix, more buildings are now being constructed and vehicles can be seen near the site delivering additional supplies.

Fortnite v18.40 Hotfix - Map Changes
Fortnite v18.40 Hotfix - Map Changes
Fortnite v18.40 Hotfix - Map Changes
Fortnite v18.40 Hotfix - Map Changes

Last Week

Here’s a look at the Guava Event Fort last week. When compared to the latest images, it’s clear that construction is moving very fast and is set to be completed before Chapter 2 Season 8 ends on December 5. The Fort is expected to be updated once again in a new hotfix next week. We’ll keep you updated if it does change.

Fortnite v18.40 Hotfix - Map Changes

That’s every map change from the Fortnite v18.40 Hotfix.

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