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How long can you last? Tune in as ANZ squads take...

How long can you last? Tune in as ANZ squads take on the new Horde Rush LTM, competing for bragging rights as the best survivor squad! Tune in now: http://twitch.tv/leon http://twitch.tv/heykatie  http://twitch.tv/sylon  http://twitch.tv/miss_xra pic.twitter.com/D4Lt5RMlFW

What did you play last week?

Joanna Nelius made a goth go to the beach in The Sims 4 expansion Island Living. Somehow she managed to not get burned to a crisp, even while sunbathing nude, and she also seems to have dodged food poisoning as well despite eating a sandwich out of a waterfall. The Sims is weird. Chris Livingston tested out Fortnite 76, which is the hilarious name we have given to Fallout 76's battle royale made. I wasn't...

@Airwaks and @rlgrime are your #SummerBlockParty Celebrity Pro-AM winners! So much...

The Fortnite Celebrity Pro-AM has begun! Watch now from the in-game lobby or tune in here: http://fortnite.com/watch https://www.twitch.tv/fortnite  http://mixer.com/fortnite  http://www.caffeine.tv/fortnite  #SummerBlockPartypic.twitter.com/CTvxJ7Aqjk